World Premiere!!

Thrilled to announce that First Breath, by Emrah Karakurum, is an Official Selection at 23rd International Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey.
The screening will be World Premiere.

The International Izmir Short Film Festival is an Oscar qualifying festival.

First Breath is a drama that tells the journey of Pınar, who is grieving a loss, and her reconciliation and healing.

Director’ statement:

Trying to hide the “idea of death”, which is deep and obscure, that humanity carries inside, by the whole modern world has rendered humankind’s own idea of finitude invisible. 
Because “death” is the visible form of the idea of finitude. 
“Death” is suppressed as culture seeks to be perfect. 
This goes beyond the human idea of finitude. 
But the more you suppress something, the more pressure you face. 
Pınar’s story is also based on suppressing death. She did not accept the death of her first lover Ezgi and constantly recalled her in the images she created in her own world. This pressure, which she refuses to die, returns to her as a great pain. 
However, this pain ends with the acceptance of death.

I wanted to keep a few concepts together with this movie. 
Facing to Death 
Memory and Poetry