Andreia Ribeiro’s Statement for Fora de Jogo

Andreia Ribeiro is the Production Designer of FORA DE JOGO, International title OUT OF BOUNDS, debut by the young Portuguese Director, José Freitas.

And this is her Statement:

“Fora de Jogo” is a film that questions the way of making cinema, blurring the boundaries between fiction and documentary.

As a Production Designer, it was necessary to make choices that would work with this realistic aesthetic, without losing the narrative character.

In this first post on “Fora de Jogo”, I will focus on creating the garden in Leo’s patio. Where, once again, he figths a battle. The first image is a still from the film, the second is the setting before the intervention, the third shows the production car packed with plansts for this dressing set.

It was my first experience with this more realistic side of the cinema and it will definitely bear fruit!!