The Daphne Project

Directed by Zora Iman Crews & Alec Tibaldi

USA/ 2021/ 69 minutes/ Comedy


Daphne Wilco, Actress and social justice warrior, wreaks havoc on a production of Euripides’ “The Bacchae” in the name of progress. Her progress.



This story is a heighted version of my experience being the only woman of color in a production. It’s alienating realizing you’re the only person of color in the room. It creates a sense that one: you should be grateful just to be included and two: you’ve been granted permission to enter a space that was not made for you, so you have to show up, you have to be the best and prove yourself.

All of that leads to imposter syndrome and certainly doesn’t help you craft a character or be present in these spaces. Those feelings inspired me to create a character who does the opposite of what the audience or the world may expect. She breaks those unspoken rules.

Daphne refuses to be grateful just to be let in the door. In fact, she pushes the door down because she values herself beyond what others see; beyond the parameters of her race or her type. She demands what she deserves: a fair shot and respect. More importantly, she trusts her talent enough to demand these things. In a lot of ways, Daphne represents the times I wish I had stood up for myself rather than remaining silent.