Directed by Dionis Papadhimitri

Albania-Spain, 98’ Fiction, Comedy (2021)


“Love” portraits a mid life crisis of Geri, a 40 year old man recently separated from his wife who goes back to his country in search of a change and in search of himself… or that is what he thinks… we will never know because he doesn’t know himself. We follow Geri in his quest, and we witness how his insecurity and lack of courage in taking the necessary steps toward changing his life, bring him back to the starting point.

Director’s Statement

LOVE is a film where in the process of getting to know oneself as well as the relationships with the people around us, the ones we deal with on a daily basis, paints a picture of each of us at certain moments in our lives.

The symbol of a 40-year-old male going through a marital crisis,named Geri, who comes to Tirana looking for tranquility and peace of mind.Tomi and Mondi, his two friends, bothsick of their marriages.

Daniel, the fourth friend, is not tired of marriage but gay, yet he tries to keep appearances. A reflection of the deafening city of Tirana, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, strip clubs, casual brawlswill all serve as the background to the story.

On the other side, that of the female presence, we are confronted with another kind of fear: loneliness.

Elize, a young woman, at the end of a passionless relationship finds passion in a casual encounter at Leli’s hotel.

Fiona, a 40-year-old woman, finds herself staying in a stale relationship for fear of being alone. Ela, Geri’s wife, though out of love with her husband, cannot stand the idea of losing Geri as a result of her pride and fears. Taking advantage of Geri ’s vulnerability she maneuvers her way into winning him back.

Lack of love, solitude, fear of loneliness, and the inescapability of coupledom are the issues with which we find our protagonists struggling.

LOVE is a film that seems to want to serve as mediation about the state of love relationships, particularly of forty-something year-old men. The main idea is that love cannot be anything but disappointment.