Directed by Karla Lulic

Fiction/ Apocalypse/ Fantasy. 13′, Croatia/Spain, 2020


A world without water. In a post-apocalyptic city of Zagreb, the few surviving citizens are hiding in their apartments- if the thirst hasn’t kill them, their neighbor might.

One day, a white cat appears in a building, leaving wet paw prints behind. If the tenants follow the cat, they will find water. But first, they need to stop fighting each other.

Director’s Statement

This film about survival in an apocalyptic world reflects so strongly our current situation in many ways, which is eerie as it was shot in Summer 2018. With this film I wanted to explore can we, as humans in these extreme conditions living without water in isolation and fear of other stop fighting and find our Humanity, so we can earn the right to survive. My grannies in the film lost that right when they turned against each other, but saved themselves and the world only when they shared last drops of water.