Thrilled to announce that MIRROR OF NIGHTINGALES, by Croatian director and screenwriter Karla Lulić, is one of only five feature film projects selected in the prestigious EKRAN+

EKRAN+ is a professional training programme aimed at developing scripts/treatments and producing scenes from each project under the guidance of renowned international filmmakers, including Wojciech Marczewski (Director of the EKRAN+ Programme), Paweł Pawlikowski, Ildikó Enyedi, Antoine Jaccoud, Udayan Prasad, Marilyn Milgrom, Margaret Glover, Denijal Hasanović, Volker Schlöndorff, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad and Christoph Hochhäusler.

Each participating project is represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or scriptwriter-director), scriptwriter (or co-writer), director of photography and producer.

The EKRAN+ programme includes:

  • treatment and/or script development, through group and individual work;
  • preparation for shooting: casting, storyboard and individual consultations with the tutors;
  • shooting;
  • editing;
  • evaluation with group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes.

EKRAN+ is a joint project of Wajda Studio and Wajda School (Poland), Focal (Switzerland), Austrian Film Institute, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Lithuanian Film Centre, with the support of the Polish Film Institute. Technology partners: Heliograf and Koi Studio.

Karla Lulić has directed three short films to date, ‘Following’ , ‘ In the name of the Strawberry, the Chocolate and the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Split Ends’.
Split Ends’, her best short film, will be presented soon on the International Film Festival circuit.