Zhou Zhe

Zhou is a director and cinematographer from China who graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a degree in film making.

“Can’t shoot then write it first” —- Many of the film’s predecessors have expressed this, he has been gathering the stories he saw and heard, combining his own feelings about life to bring the real story into the script. Currently Zhou has completed the creation of four full-length screenplays, which of course he has continued to create.

Zhou was born in rural southern China and grew up in the 1990s and early 21st century. This was at the beginning and end of a massive population shift from rural to urban China. The process of history and the collision between farming culture and urban civilization turned into real-life conflicts, and the stories behind these conflicts were imprinted in this era. Lu Xun wrote down the “Kong YiJi” and “Run Tu” of that era, and he wanted to record the “Zhang San” and “Li Si” of this era with his images.

In the face of the increasing investment in Chinese cinema, he has been trying to see if there is a different way to present films.

“Keep eyes on that van” is his first feature film in coproduction with Mailuki Fims.