The World We Left Behind

International Title: The World We Left Behind

Original Title: El Mundo Que Dejamos


Directed by: Miguel Sierra

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Fantastic, Sci-Fi, Terror,

Year: 2022

Running Time: 13’59”

Country: Spain


Five young people have just consumed some type of substance, in what seems like a
simple act of disinhibition, but which gradually is revealed as an anguished countdown.
Through each one’s fears and the different ways in which they face the end of their rite, we
discover that what is taking place is a collective suicide ceremony, which end will not be as
they have planned.

Director’s Statement:

From our generational perspective, in which young people survive without ideals, without religions,
or superior and collective elements to cling to, we wanted to show through this brief story the
generalized feeling of no belonging, no roots and little hope for the future, which serves as a mirror
of the current situation for so many young people.
However, at all times we try to avoid falling into a glorification of the act of suicide, suggesting in
the end that the solution adopted by our protagonists to find a meaning superior to themselves
could not be further from being effective and useful to achieve their purpose, as result of the
enormous confusion that reigns in our society today.