Ter Chono. A Mongolian Story

Title: Ter Chono. A Mongolian Story


Directed by: George Dogaru

Genre: Fiction, Drama, History

Year: 2022

Running Time: 22’44”

Country: Romania


The thirteenth century finds more than half of the world known under the rule of the Mongol hordes. From southern China to the near border of Vienna, nothing seemed to stand in the way of these terrible steppe warriors. However, the struggle for power and the desire of the great Kublai Khan, the nephew of Genghis Khan, to submit Asia, made the generals in the territories of the former Dacia return to Mongolia. In their retreat, robbery and destruction were a way of being, not at all foreign to the so-called Christian chivalric orders also.

Director’s Statement:

Ter Chono is a story about the world around us, where inexplicable things have happened since the dawn of times. I wanted to combine a raw, wild woman, for whom death and killing meant the ordinary, with the purity of a child, Mura, whose eyes mesmerized and created the happening of a miracle. This is a story about the old and the new, the transformation of a woman warrior and the energy of the transcendent which can appear sometimes, in the most improbable situations and characters.