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Su Chen was born in Xian Yang, central part of China. When he was 13, he moved with his family to Guangdong, the southern coast of China and grew up there. He majored in English at college, at the age of 24, he studied and worked in France for 4 years.

When he came back from Europe, he started working in Advertisement at Shanghai for 5 years and participated in more than 30 TV Commercials’, including Lenovo, Buick, Volvo, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, DOHA 2006 Asian Games, etc.

In 2009, he came to United States to study MFA on Screenwriting at New York Film Academy.

He interned as Creative Counselor in Orb Media Group after finishing the film school, he took part in developing multiple international themed film and TV projects and helped in creation of a US themed Chinese TV Series.

In 2012, he attended the One Year Film Director’s Program at UCLA Extension. From this time on, he started to write and direct short films.

He has written around 20 scripts for feature films, TV Pilots, Web-Series and Short films; and written and directed the films «Before Marriage» (2013) and «Coma» (2019).

Films Distributed by Mailuki Films

[2019] Coma (short)