Directed by Besim Ugzmajli

Fiction, Kosovo, Spain, 14’00” (2019)


After midnight, Lena (37) scared and fleeing, meets Genti (11) in an underpass at the center of the city. After they get to know each other, they talk about the reasons of them being there.

Lena claims she is waiting for her husband to pick her up, while Genti is waiting for his father.

Afterwards the conversation shifts to their respective head wounds. Genti says his injury was an accident caused by his father, while Lena’s was an accident caused by her husband during them vacation in Venice.

Director’s Statement

Human trafficking to my opinion, is just a modern form of slavery. This monstrous crime is being applied by directly violating the elementary human rights, around the globe. I have witnessed modern slavery or the human trafficking to people I have known in person. I have witnessed the life and the family of these people I used to know from childhood, get destroyed.

In this movie I have tried to portray human trafficking as a phenomenon that we coexist with, and never ceases to haunt us, yet we are unable to fight it back. This movie I made is the best way I could use to appellate through this story in order for human trafficking to be fought, all over the globe. To me this movie is realistic, it is based in real events, and being so it was impossible for the movie to have a Happy End – because the trafficking victims’ end, is not a happy one – so there was no way, I could allow myself to escape from reality!