Title: Plantas


Directed by: Poul Nissen & Tomás Conterio

Genre, Subgenres: Fiction, Drama, Animation, Surreal, Experimental

Year: 2022 Running time: 06’11”

Countries: Spain, Denmark


A short film which portrays, in a surreal way, the human species’ tracked reality, through an analogy with another living being, the plant.  Our ego as human beings, and our ability to be rational, has given us a false sense of being the owners of the Earth. Once you watch PLANTAS, you will understand that life does not forgive, and that we ALL have the same cycles which we must take advantage of.

Director’s Statement:

We raise awareness that, by the mere fact of being human, we do not acquire greater importance in life than other species do on our planet. On the other hand, we emphasize that the transcendence and brevity of our individual life is very similar to that of a plant.