Let’s Do This Again Sometime

Directed by Petrus van Staden

South Africa & Spain/ 2021/ 13min/ Fiction/ Drama/ Social & LGBTQ+


Synopsis: A man’s search for connection is thrown off course during an uncomfortable encounter with an old flame.

Director’s Statement:

Film and art have powerful positions within our society – it has the potential to suppress or to set free. It can give courage or indoctrinate. For many artists creating is a process of unravelling. “Let’s Do This Again Sometime” is such a journey.

The film explores desire and the boundaries of consent through the queer man’s lens, further layered with the complicated dynamics of race within the LGBTQ community. Drawing partly on true experiences from the director, and partly from the lead actor, the film unreservedly aims to depict how a moment can have lasting effects.

Sexual assault holds a certain shame for victims – a shame that often prevents justice or healing. We hope that by creating this film, by showing that there is nothing the victim could have done differently – we can help people on their own paths to healing while recognising the complicated personal nature of this horrific experience.