La Desaparición de Eva

International title: The Disappearance of Eve

Director: Ángeles Páez

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

Genre, subgenre, tags: Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, Psicology, Women, Filmmaker Woman,

Running time: 28’39”


But who is Eva, who is she really, and what is behind her quest?


Eva and Sofia, two teenage friends, meet again after eighteen years.

Behind their backs looms a traumatic past when Eva disappears at the age of sixteen, without giving any sign of life until now.

Eva, unsure of her own memories and of herself, decides to accept Sofia’s invitation to her cabin in the mountains, so that together they can try to reconstruct their past and what happened.

A third and mysterious presence will accompany them on their journey, unbeknownst to them until the final act. These three characters will make a strange journey through fiction and memory in search of Eva’s identity.