Ditë e Kuqe

International title: Red Day

Directed by Besim Ugzmajli

Kosovo/ 2021/ Fiction/ Drama, Tragicomedy, Comedy, 14 minutes



Arsa, a deaf little girl, and her mother Dodona, an ex-actress, want to be part of “Festival of Performance”. Arsa is not on the list of participants but she and her mother are ready to do everything, only to show up on stage and present their unique story, which ends bloodily.

Director’s Statement:

I choose to write and direct this film because in a past few years we all heard a lot of stories about sexual harassment all around the world in film and art industry in general. Let’s mention here the experiences of the actresses shared via “ME TOO MOVEMENT”. It was very disturbing for me to hear a lot of horrible stories from my own friends about what happens to them as well.
While watching this film, I wanted the viewers to experience the awkward moments when someone uses their “advantage” of the positions they are in different institutions who sexually harass girls in a very young age.
For me, most of the backstage is a real stage with a lot of harassments scenes that people experienced since day one in their artistic job.
The most challenging thing making this film, was pandemic COVID -19. All the people who were included in the film, had a lot of time off work due to pandemic, so when I reached out to them to be part of DITË E KUQE / RED DAY, they were very exciting to work together on this film despite the pandemics. We were lucky that they all tested negative in covid-19 before starting rehearsals and shooting day.
This film will always be special to me because we went through a high stress and difficulties, we had due to pandemic and making this film in one shot (one take) makes it even more special and challenging for me and the whole cast and crew.
The film turned out to be a little different from the script because we had a few days of rehearsals and this made us improve some details from the script, which I think is part of beautiful collaborating between me, actors and the whole crew.
Most of the actors and professionals from the crew, didn’t ask for pay, because they loved the whole idea of the film, they believed in this story and working during this depressed time was a very good opportunity to escape for a while from the hard pandemic days.