Directed by Rubén de Eguía

Spain/ 2022/ 08’08”/ Drama, Drama Psicológico, Women, Theater, Debut,



The show is about to start. Belén, a young Actress, arrives late to the theater with good news. Lola, a consecrated Actress, finishes preparing for the function while we see that something is disturbing her. Belén, excited, quickly prepares to start the show on time. The curtain goes up. Lola will fight to contain her emotions and continue with the show without affecting the quality of her work, without anyone noticing. She has to decide how to position herself in the face of bad news. Belén, happy and overflowing with illusion, also tries to make sure no one notices.

Director’s Statement:

The possibility of claiming something has always seemed to me a precious and powerful artistic engine. It seems to me an act of love. To talk about what concerns us.
Out of respect and admiration for the theater, I wanted to portray with a certain crudeness these two parallel or opposite stories, which feed on each other.
Perhaps not even this two women know that they are connected till the end.
Maybe they really are not. But they are two linked vectors. Enhancing this idea of everything we hide.
We hide in metaphorical corsets. Corsets are still so present on our society. Not only in a literal basis such as, plastic surgery to stop the external effects of aging, but also in a metaphorical way.
The idea of corsetting, we hide and tie what worries us, the emotions, the bad news.
It is a liberation for me to know that there are themes that, although they have already been very well treated on screen, they can and should continue to be reviewed, if possible, contributing something.
In this sense, I really like the nuance of the character of Belén, full of illusion but in private, in the basement, she gets to feel an anxiety that disturbs her as if she had bad news.
The management of the desired news can generate the same anxiety as bad news, either because you fear it will not be fulfilled, or because you fear not being up to the task….The anguish of success. Often when you are successful you think you deserve it. If it was not for this encounter between the two, Belén would have had the same tattoo that Lola has on her shoulder, representing success.
Belén and Lola are victims, they are parts of a bigger structure. A structure that lifts, uses and discards. For some to enter the wheel, others must leave. The entire story is an emotional journey towards that final look between Lola and Belén.
I would like to highlight the humanity in Lola’s character, the emotional journey sustained by Lola ends descending that staircase. The others are not aware, but for Lola that stair descent is many things, perhaps she will never go back on to the stage again and yet there is no resentment, there is strength and pain, and there is dignity in the best sense of the word.