Directed by Carlos Polo

Fiction, Spain, 12’30” (2019)


Amador appears to be the husband and  the perfect father. Nobody would ever imagine that one  afternoon, Amador is about to lose  everything because he wants to be… himself.

Director’s Statement

One of the problems that most concern society today is related to child abuse. Although these crimes have always existed, at present the increase in the knowlegde of this type of news (thanks to the lesser fear of reporting by victims or simply journalistic morbidities, among other factors), has created a climate of concern that keeps parents in a state of constant vigilance.

We think of the pedophile as someone disturbed, with obvious antisocial behavior, with clear signs that make us suspect, but in reality in most cases these sexual predators are among us, crouched, hidden under a face of apparent normality and cordiality. And sometimes we do not stop to think about the number of adults that we leave alone with our children: teachers, coaches, neighbors, etc.

This short film is precisely what is intended to put on the table (in the most aseptic and subtle way possible) that any person, apparently normal towards others, can actually be mentally unbalanced, capable of committing these abuses.

On the other hand, “Amador” reflects the protagonist’s internal struggle to repress the sexual instincts that he himself labels as inappropriate, but even after suffering a traumatic experience that almost cost him his life, it is clear that he wants or does not have a mental problem, and that in its internal struggle, sooner or later our protagonist.