Farmer’s Blues

Directed by Ibër Deari

Fiction, Macedonia, 14′ (2020)


After his father passes away, Vedat and his son are faced with a debt left by his father and are forced to sell something precious to them in order to pay the debt.

Director’s Statement

It’s a story about father and son.

This movie is from the dark comedy genre. Three men living in a small village, and the only job they have is working their Farm. The Grandfather (Azem) loves to listen to music all day, the Father (Vedat) loves working and the son (Enis) loves spending time with the Cow.

One-day the grandfather gets sick and he dies but in Albanian tradition before they die sometime they give an AMANATE (deathbed wish, oral testament) to their son. The last wish of the grandfather is that when he dies, he wants to be buried like a great believer (Muslim) and he wanted all 6 imams to attend his funeral.

Vedat then goes to the main Imam asking for the wish of his father to be granted. They tell him that it is impossible because Azem has not payed his mandatory contribution to the mosque for the last 7 years. Now Vedat has only half a day to find the money and to bury his father like he wanted to, with all 6 imams of the village attending his funeral.
Vedat then is forced to borrow money from a friend of his, and his friends lends him the money but under one condition, to pay him back within a month.

Vedat doesn’t like this situation that he is put to, especially since he and his father were not much of a religious people, but his father wanted to at least be buried like he was a devoted Muslim, without knowing the consequences that his son would face.
The movie is filled with a lot of scenes funny scenes, putting the characters in humorous situations, even though the story is sad.

After the middle of the movie, the little boy shows his maturity about this situation and helps his father with some decision. He plays like an adult and the main guy!

In the movie we have the mother too, but we never see her. So we just hear her on the phone while talking with her son and husband. There is a possibility that they are divorced but we don’t know the reason. We just see the boy trying to convince his mother to come back home.

The music of the film is not melancholic, we don’t have music in this movie we just hear music from the radio, and the only part important with music is the Song of farmers, that is a traditional Albanian song, in the movie this song will be sang by Vedat. In the last scene, when they give up and sit watching the fields…So the song hi sing in the end, is the same song his father was listening in radio, before he dies.

This movie is family drama with a lot of emotional and funny moments. The story develops during the summer time with very beautiful nature scenes.

All of this is tied very strongly to the character in this movie, along with the music that follows the developing events in this drama.