Marieta Caballero

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Marieta Caballero is a self taught film director and screenwriter. She has lived in Madrid, California, New Jersey and Barcelona.

She started filmmaking when at 14 she wrote a feature film. Later, after a summer workshop at the ECAM film school, she cofounded a production company with her friends.

In her films, she intends to raise questions about the matters of human condition and society. For her first short film «The Collection» she was awarded the Best Creator under 21 award by the Community of Madrid. It is inspired in a feature film screenplay she wrote with the same title.

She has worked along creators such as Julu Martínez, Rush Smith, Claudia Ayuso, among many others.

She became interested in digital content and new platforms; and through her YouTube channel Eigengrau, she shares making of videos related to her projects and filmmaking.

Her latest short film as a director, «Emotional Disease» was financed by 66 backers in a crowdfunding campaign.

Currently, Marieta is working on her next story as she finishes her studies in Economics, Politics and Philosophy.

Films Distributed by Mailuki Films

[2018] Emotional Disease (short)